Be Adventurous

Hi Shakti babes! We are always finding new places to explore. Our favorite place for a serene, stunning place is the gorgeous island of Capri. This tiny island in Italy is our TOP place for a relaxing getaway.


To top everything off, Capri is also home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – The Blue Grotto, which is a sea cave off Capri’s coast. Locals call this spot Grotta Azzurra, which refers to gorgeous blue color inside the cave that is created by the light entering through small hole in the cliff. We were absolutely stunned by the beauty and the way that the blue reflection from the water illuminates the cave. Some say this cave is magical and we couldn’t agree more. Make the blue Grotto top on your travel bucket list!

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Everything about this island was perfect. From the all white streets to the purple and pink cascading flowers, and of course The Blue Grotto, Capri looked like a dream. If you are seeking a surreal travel experience like us, pack your bags and head to Capri!




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