Celebrate Womanhood With Shakti

Good Evening Shakti Babes!

We are winding down the week – phew! We had a busy one here at the studio. We are finalizing all plans for the #StandwithPP legging exclusive that will be launched later this spring! Stay tuned for further details (wink, wink)! Also, please make sure you read our earlier post if you are seriously interested in this special project and want to know why all of Shakti #StandswithPP. These leggings are seriously amazing and tied to such a great cause – why wouldn’t you want a pair?!

This weekend we also want to remind all of our babes to celebrate womanhood! Hang out with your girlfriends, take some time for yourself, and maybe even do some hot yoga!

It is so important to take care of yourself so the heavy work week and crazy schedules of us women don’t leave us blindsided. We hope this post reminds you that you are the most important and only you there is – celebrate that, ladies!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 7.39.17 PM.png


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