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We Shakti Babes are a busy bunch and understand the need for a little R & R  every now and again.  As much as we love a good spa weekend or yoga retreat, our wallets are also deserving of some R & R so we created a list of 5 ways you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Discover your inner yogini

Regardless of whether you can twist yourself into a pretzel or have trouble touching your toes, yoga is wonderfully relaxing- and it’s good for you!  Thanks to the wonder of Youtube, you can find thousands of exercises based on your preference and skill level. So throw on your favorite Shakti leggings and get to bending ladies!

2.  Read a book

When was the last time you curled up in bed with some relaxing chamomile tea and a good book?  Years ago, you say??  Well, we think it’s time to pick up your favorite book, or find a new favorite, and give your eyes a soothing break from screen time.  How about re-reading the Harry Potter series?  Or falling in love with a Nicholas Sparks novel?  Lose yourself in a story this weekend.

3.  Take a nap…..seriously

We could go on and on about the multiple health benefits of naps but we’ll keep it short and sweet:  NAPS RULE.  So give your brain a rest and snuggle up for some serious zzzz’s.  If you have trouble falling asleep then a little bit of our Organic Lavender Oil rubbed on the temples does just the trick, and our Sweetie Pie sleep mask blocks out any pesky light.

4.  Rub a dub dub

It’s simple; baths are the bomb…..and wonderfully relaxing.  So throw in your favorite bath bomb and light a candle (or two…or three), and get ready to feel some serious zen instantaneously.

5. Oooh ahhh spa

Your face deals with a lot- sun damage, pollutants, icky germs from the subway…..and yes, that medium pizza and fries you decided to treat yourself to over the weekend can be bad for your skin!  So don’t stress about it, and make sure to take the time to care your beautiful skin.  A sheet mask with antioxidants is the perfect way to replenish your skin and make you look radiant and well rested!

*all items mentioned in this article are available in the upcoming May Shakti box! Stay tuned!


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