Puppy Love 

Here at Shakti we have a little, furry friend that helps us get though the toughest of our days! 

We all know how crazy life can be, right? Sometimes having a distraction in our office is exactly what we need! His name is Guizmo and he’s a crazy, little Maltese that one of our creative directors adopted back in her college years!

Did you guys know that animals have the ability to completely calm our nerves and relieve our anxieties? According to Keith Humphreys, professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, “Holding and stroking a pet is calming for many people, even those without anxiety problems.” When you are feeling stressed, a lovable pup is the perfect way to wind down. 

Other studies also indicate that being a dog owner can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and boost levels of feed-good hormones in the brain. No wonder why we are always feeling better with Guizmo around! 

We’d love to see who your furry friends are and the way they impact you. Share a picture and include the tag #ShaktiPuppyLove to be in the running for a box of Shakti swag. 


P.S. here’s the little guy below! 


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